Site Offers Free Boating Safety Tips for the First Time Boat Owner

BoatSo you found a boat on a boats listing site like and you bit the bullet and bought your first boat, and you can hardly wait until you are in the water behind the wheel of your very own boat. Before you pull away from the safety of the shore, now is the time to carefully consider all the things you must do to make sure your passengers, others boaters, and your own vessel is safe.

The first thing you should do is invest in a boating safely class. At boating school, you learn more than just protecting your passengers, you learn how to navigate the seas, how to read signs, and what you must do to ensure your boat arrives back at the dock in tact each trip. If you are not aware of warning signs while traveling in the boat, you risk destroying the hull and having to keep the boat sidelines as costly repairs are made.

Never leave the safety of the shore without letting somebody stating behind where you intend to travel. If trouble hits miles out at sea and you lose the ability to communicate, the search teams will have one challenging time finding you. When someone knows where you intended to travel, the search areas are reduced significantly.

Make certain you know where all the local fueling stations are before you head out. If one is closed or out of gas, you need to be able to get to the next before you are stranded. Always refill your boat before any trip.

Take the time to invest in plenty of safety equipment. Each passenger, including yourself, must have a life jacket on at all times. If something happens out at sea unexpectedly and people are tossed overboard, the only chance to getting them to safety is that they have on the life vests.

Check your boat radio before you leave. It is always a good idea to bring a fully charged cellphone or a satellite radio on any trip in case mechanical trouble strands you too far from shore. Just like your car, the boat engine could malfunction at any time, and when a storm is approaching you need every resource available to get back safely.

Never drink alcohol and drive your boat. One mistake could put other boaters, swimmers, and your passengers at severe risk of injury. Save the drinking until you are back safe at the docks.

These essential boating safety tips will make sure you and your guests have fun out on your boat.

How to Engage Potential Clients on Your Boat Dealer Website

Marine Dealer WebsitesOne of the keys to getting more sales and ranking higher in the search engines is client engagement on your website. If you can pull this off correctly, you are going to see improvement in a number of areas. These are simple to implement and will help your website soar though the rankings and separate yourself from your nearest competitors.

Here are a few things from our friends over at a leading Boat marketing and websites provider, you can start doing today on your boat dealer website (or any website) to transform sales and ranking.

Make sure that each time you post on your website, that you have enabled the comments. Too many sellers block the comment section for fear of spammers or anyone saying bad about their company. You have the ability to delete or block comments from the admin section, don’t keep others from having a voice to silence a few. Many times those comments actually rank in the search engines which will get your website more exposure.

Install a live chat button on your website and turn it on when you are by the computer. You will be surprised how many of these conversations you have with potential buyers can turn into sales just because you were there to help. If you find this works better than you thought, you could always hire someone to work the chat feature so your customers have someone to help them instantly.

Rather than adding articles to your website each day, start adding videos or info-graphics. These visuals make it easier for a person to sit back and absorb information without having to be reading paragraph after paragraph. These videos are definitely the wave of the future, so if you have trouble getting in front of the camera, there are plenty of website like where someone will do it for you for as little as $5 a video.

Consider hosting a podcast or live seminar on your website. This is a great way to interact with your audience while providing them valuable content that they can use. In many cases you will help solidify the bond between you and a potential buyer, making it easier for them in the future to buy your products or services. You could provide shoppers a free download if they provide their e-mail address, a great way to grow your mailing list.

Now that you know what it takes to get your website moving in the right direction, chunk it down and do a little each day so as not to overwhelm yourself with this process. In no time it will be simple for you.


Tips for Staging Your House So Buyers Start a Bidding War

Charleston SC Real EstateStaging a house for sale can make all the difference when it comes to getting buyers excited about your home. The good news is that most people rush to get their house listed with a real estate agent, then they decide to start cleaning up the house after pictures are taken and it is listed in the MLS. If you take the time to stage the house before you list, you are going to have a better chance of getting potential buyers to start a bidding war.

Consider these staging tips from Premier one – a Charleston SC homes for sale listing site, before you call the local real estate agent to list your house.

The very first thing you need to do when staging the house is to assume you are going to be moving very soon. get a jump on all that packing by doing it today. Rent a local storage unit, and start boxing up all that clutter that you are not going to be needing for a while. Empty the garage, basement, attics, all in an attempt to make your house look and feel more roomier. If the potential buyers see extra space, they can easily imagine their stuff fitting in with no issues.

Time to take down any personal effects of your family, like pictures, drawings, anything that connects you to the house. Imagine going into a model house, the pictures on the walls are all neutral. This is what you have to be doing so those potential buyers that come in are not wasting energy trying to imagine your family not n the house, but picturing their own family living there.

Call in a local landscape company to completely update the exterior of the property. Plant flowers, put down much beds around trees, trim bushes, cut the lawn, and even power wash the driveway, sidewalk, fences, patio and siding. There are going t be hundreds driving by when they see that for sale sign, and curb appeal has a lot to do with getting them emotionally invested. if the exterior is trashy, they drive by and never get to even see the inside.

Hire a cleaning crew to steam clean upholstery, carpeting, flooring, tiles and grout, basically give the house that new car look and smell. This can really help to put a new buyer at ease, they feel like you really took great care of the home.

So now you know how to stage the house, once it is listed by a professional local real estate agent, you should be getting some nibbles on the line very soon.